Partnerships & Collaborations


Partnerships & Collaborations


EMY Inc., is proud to partner and collaborate with the following:

  • One Source Learning and Development Company   / President- Tonya Daye


  • TRiO Educational Talent Search   / Assistant Director, Cambrella Roberson, BCS, M.Ed.

In collaboration with One Source Learning and Development Company,  EMY Inc. is pursuing projects to bring trades and opportunities to youth.  The goal is to open doors to youth for experiences in careers they might have once thought were out of reach.

One Source Learning and Development Company is unique, as it has a special focus on At Risk youth, yet makes its resources available to others in need as well.  For example, One Source Learning and Development Company is working with Adults to assist them with bringing their dreams to life, through their own nonprofit.  Offered will be a step-by-step guidance program on how to setup a nonprofit or Foundation, and the benefits of each.  If your desire is to help the community, this program will assist you with setting up a nonprofit as well as understanding how a nonprofit or Foundation works.

In collaboration with TriO Educational Talent Search, EMY Inc., will be conducting Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Soft Skills, class at the High School level, in LaGrange, GA 2017-2018.