Program Proposal

EMY Program Proposal

The EMY program is an educational, and entrepreneurial 501c3 program.  EMY is based on teaching students how to look at their current skills, talents, after school jobs, family function, volunteer work, and other activities, to prepare a successful Resume for College or potential employers.

Many students feel that they have “not done anything” or “enough” because they look at only on-the-job skills when preparing a resume or discussing their skills and talents.  The EMY program helps young teens in High School draw out, rediscover and highlight these hidden talents.

In addition, our hands-on program allows students to look within and identify what real skills are, and how to describe those skills while enhancing their portfolio under the guidance of well-seasoned entrepreneurs.

Take a look at our In Class Program – Key Components:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills /Workforce Skills
  • Interview Appearance
  • Cover Letters
  • Guest Speakers ( Various Trades)


Not all EMY students will enter into College.  This may be due to numerous reasons, including finance (the cost of going to a higher education institution), non-graduating students, students who have not yet applied to a college or university, or students who have yet to apply for a professional career.  Whatever the path chosen, the EMY Program is here to assist and guide students in uncovering their potential, putting it in writing, and discovering a path they may have otherwise imagined was out of reach.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are an important part of our after school program.  Approximately 40 minutes of the 1 hour after school program will be spent on Key Components. The final 20 minutes will be allocated to a Guest Speaker who will discuss their career, skills, education, how to enter into their field, and a preview of their typical workday.