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Getting to know the EMY Program:

Entrepreneurs Mentoring Youth (EMY) has been designed as a twofold program.

Our primary focus is to assist with the development of a working Resume and cover letter for High School Juniors and Seniors. They will be enriched with skills to successfully create a working resume tailored to college and/or a specific career.  Our program is uniquely targeted to lower income areas and High Title 1 schools, where students have less opportunity to learn these techniques.

Secondly, the EMY Program will offer students the opportunity to work directly with a successful Entrepreneur while developing more in depth life skills.  The students, in turn, will be able to share the skills learned with others, for the rest of their lives.

In this way, EMY not only benefits those in the program, but also those who participants will later impact in their communities, careers and experiences.

The EMY program will be offered to:

  • High School Juniors
  • High School Seniors


 College Enrollment Rates for Recent High School Graduates

2008 2013
All 68.6% 65.9%
High income 81.9% 78.5%
Middle income 65.2% 63.8%
Low income 55.9% 45.5%

The analysis is based on U.S. Census Bureau data.


MentorI’m an EMY  (A business owner who is offering their mentoring services to Youth, during a specified period of time)

Mentee – I’m a MY  (Mentored Youth)


The tie between the EMY and the MY is more than the spelling.  The objective is for the ‘MY’s’ to one day become EMY’s and receive their ‘E’ when they return to EMY Inc. and mentor new Youth as an Entrepreneur or other professional.  Obtaining an ‘E’ is a BIG, BIG deal, and we reward our ‘E’s’ annually during a special Awards Ceremony.  ‘MY’s’ are also rewarded during this event.

The EMY program brings together successful Entrepreneurs and Youth who aspire to achieve the same or similar level of success in the same similar field.  We match the Youth with a Professional or expert within their industry of interest.


The EMY Program includes:

  • Direct Mentoring between Mentor and Mentee over a 2 month period with at least two Face-to-Face visits.
  • Extended Mentoring- 2-6 months
  • Scholarships
  • The EMY Awards – Awards and Recognition Dinner
    • Create an ‘E’ statue to hand out- ‘E’ for Entrepreneur,
    • Create a ‘MY’ Award for Mentored Youth
  • Award Recognition


The Mentoring Program is designed to identify those High School students who are not planning a path of entering into college.  We then match them with an Entrepreneur, who is currently successfully working in their dream job or field.  The student will spend 2 months shadowing the entrepreneur to learn and understand exactly what it takes to work in that field.  Through this interaction, the student may find that college is necessary for this career and, perhaps, decide to attend a Technical school, or that they can learn the skills hands-on with the entrepreneur, and go right into a successful career. The mentoring program is designed to give students an early look into the career they desire.

  • Mentoring
  • On the Job Training
  • Evaluate Career Choice Early
  • Build lasting relationship in Industry



Jamar A. Boyd, II

I would highly recommend Jennifer Spralding and her nonprofit EMY, Inc.   When she visited my church to present the EMY program, our Youth ministry was excited.  

, Saint Smyrna Baptist Church Inc.

Dr. James B. Keiller

I met Jennifer Spralding at the start of the formation of EMY, Inc. as a nonprofit organization. My feeling on the program, and how it will impact our youth is (in my opinion and professional evaluation) that Jennifer’s program will be a great introduction to providing our youth with the base tools for entering the workforce, or entering into college.


Senior Advisor, President for Institutional and Corporate Affairs Beulah Heights University